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Gallery 02 of Dipika Anchhambu

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anand from Nepal says on 12 September 2015

Kamal Lawoti from Nepal says on 29 August 2011
Dipika is most beautifull,good personality,nice figure,I like her eyes & lips.

suren shreng from Nepal says on 15 July 2011
wow dipika amazeing cute and high charming your face and asolutely your figur keep it up best of luck your modeling and managment career.

Kabita from Nepal says on 26 May 2011
Depika you are such a beautyful girl, i like it yarr.

rabin from Nepal says on 15 May 2011

zita from Hong Kong says on 13 May 2011
Dipika u r so... beautiful, charming and good model, I liked your Face, Figure everything. I hope u will be a good model in future.