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Suman from Nepal says on 25 August 2012
Probably the best costume in the world with the perfect model match.

Prabin rai from Singapore says on 22 May 2012
Am really glad to see u here. Xtreamly nice pic... Srijana. Keep it up.

shyam rai from Nepal says on 10 February 2012
cultural dress & ornaments ma suhayako chha .

Khusi thapa from Nepal says on 09 October 2011
Perfect,,,,,,,,,,done well,love it

kamal Gurung from Nepal says on 03 October 2011 super cool ..

Draupada rai from Singapore says on 17 September 2011

pawan from Nepal says on 15 September 2011
good looking face with great thought ,,love the way she says \'\'Don\'t determine your value by comparing yourself with others it is because we are different that each of us in special or particular\'\'.... i can guess sam kind of talent or whtever ya all have make one day to find yr destination..nice picz as well.

brat shrestha from Nepal says on 15 September 2011
dami pic sathiiiiiiii gud oneeeeee..........

Sangma from United Kingdom says on 13 September 2011
Stunning . True defined representing Rai culture . I love the Teej special most. Good job x

nita thapa from Nepal says on 05 September 2011
wow...really nice pic.... i like them..

Gore rai from USA says on 04 September 2011
awesome!! a model is born. I loved the rai dress,specially. good luck girl