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Gallery-2 of Kumari Thapa Magar

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Neeraj from Nepal says on 11 August 2014
relay she is a looking so beautifully ............

rai prakash from Hong Kong says on 08 March 2012
halo! pattakakey jhorley.. miss magarni tina, really lookin gorgeous no words to explain how beautiful you are...and ur dancing style also outstanding, awesome.... ur future is bright.... keep it up beautiful... i wanna talk wid yuh, hope dat yiuh also.....

Samir Pradhan from Nepal says on 21 October 2011
Hi, Tina....... you look so nice, lovely & Pure Magarani. Thank you for letting us to know more about your culture which is really precious. Keep it up Tina and wish you more for your future success.

suk tumrok from Hong Kong says on 11 October 2011
Kumari Magar urffs....Tina looking & lOVELY.

prem thapa from Nepal says on 08 October 2011
typical nepali kanchi nani ...ur good...frankly beautiful